How Much Do Adjunct Nursing Professors Make

what is an adjunct nursing instructor

AAUP's most recent report also found a pay gap between genders, but only at more senior faculty ranks. Still, because higher ranks pay more, women across ranks, disciplines and institution types made $74,681 compared to $83,012 for men. Full-time faculty members of law have the highest median salaries ($153,000 across ranks), followed by those in medicine ($152,000), finance ($138,000), accounting ($132,000) and small-business operations or entrepreneurism ($131,000), according to CUPA-HR. The lowest-paying disciplines are multilingual or multicultural education, teacher education, and library science and administration, all $69,000, followed by parks and recreation studies ($68,000) and philosophy ($67,000). In nearly all disciplines, professors’ salaries tend to increase with age, until 70, when they level out or drop. The one major exception is in business, older and younger faculty members earn nearly equivalent salaries. Younger professors in business and law are also making more than faculty members in other disciplines. More than half of department chairs (55 percent) get a salary supplement for the work ($6,666 was the median amount), and 52 percent get course relief (six credits, median). About 27 percent of chairs get a summer salary (the median amount was $9,060).

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