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Long-Time Health Center Nurse Jeff Green Retires After 37 Years; Retirement Celebration June 28 Jeff Green, R.N., of the Pat Walker Health Center's Allergy, Immunization & Travel Clinic, has officially called it a career after 37 years. To honor Green's dedication to the campus community, the health center is hosting a retirement celebration from 3:30 to 5 p.m.  Wednesday, June 28, in the Elizabeth Phillips Stewart Atrium of the Pat Walker Health Center (second floor). The entire campus community is invited and light refreshments will be provided. "Jeff is an outstanding professional whose impact stretches beyond the thousands of students, faculty and staff he's immunized," said Mary Alice Serafini, associate vice chancellor for Student Affairs and executive director of the health center. "His calm and supportive approach to administering immunizations and allergy shots has allayed many fears and anxiety, and will be missed by our campus community." Green graduated from the U of A School most recent nursing faculty jobs for online programs - of Nursing in 1979, and after briefly working for Washington Regional Medical Center, he joined the health center during the summer of 1980. After earning his bachelor's degree in Community Health in 1986, Green transitioned his career to focus on community immunization during the measles outbreak of that same year. Green was also instrumental in launching the health center's Travel Clinic in 1995. Originally the clinic was designed to primarily serve faculty members conducting overseas research, but it evolved into something greater and now enhances the university's study abroad and international programs. "The Allergy Immunization and Travel Clinic has become a core service of the Pat Walker Health Center, and our international and domestic students have come to greatly appreciate its programs and services," Serafini said. "We know many people in the University of Arkansas community have valued Jeff's up-to-date and accurate information about international travel." While he said he will miss his work with students, staff and faculty, Green is relieved to know he is leaving behind a legacy that has had a major impact on campus.

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