Nursing Instructor Jobs

nursing instructor jobs

Kateri Shampo, a junior, draws the blood patient Raimandol Terrara. The VANAP program began in the fall of 2013, after Marquette and the Zablocki VA received a five-year, $5 million grant from the Office of Academic Administration (OAA) in the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. The grant mostly pays for the salaries of two program directors – one at Marquette and one at the VA – and 10 VANAP faculty members between  Marquette and the VA. The faculty members are responsible for training nurses at the VA how to work with students. They also teach part-time on campus. The increase in faculty allowed enrollment at the College of Nursing to significantly increase, from 110 students in 2012-’13 to 162 today. Nursing students apply as freshmen or sophomores, and work in the VA for four semesters total. Students work one-on-one with VA nurses during their rotations. With this guidance, student nurses work directly with patients in two designated education units, one focusing on spinal cord injuries and the other emphasizing surgery and medicine. Sandi Van Den Heuvel, VANAP program manager at Marquette, said while Marquette and the VA are separate entities, Marquette clinical instructors are well-integrated because they spend significant time at both institutions.

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